Thursday, January 9, 2014

UMRAH 2014

Tarikh                                  Harga Pakej
penerbangan             4sebilik     3sebilik      2sebilik

5-16 Mac               Rm5990    RM6390     RM6590

10-21 Apr             RM5450    RM5750     RM6050

4-15 Mei              RM5500    RM5800     RM6100

Umrah sambutan
3-7 Julai             RM6600    RM7000      RM7400

Monday, November 28, 2011


Thursday, July 21, 2011

PAKEJ HAJI 2011 bersama KEMBARA RAUDHAH Sdn bhd.

HARGA PAKEJ  : RM 18 900 NETT.    
 PERCUMA !!!     Suntikan ACWY 135 & Suntikan H1N1                                                                              

  • tiket penerbangan
  • visa 
  •  penginapan sepanjang haji
  •  makan minum 3 kali sehari
  • immunisasi wajib ACWY  135 
  • immunisasi H1N1 
  • pemeriksaan kesihatan oleh klinik panel Tabung Haji kami
  • khidmat ekslusif doktor pengiring sepanjang perjalanan
  • kursus intensif Haji sebelum berangkat
  • khidmat mutawif berpengalaman sepanjang perjalanan
  • kain ihram, sepasang telekung
  • beg sandang & beg beroda
  • buku panduan haji
  • insuran perjalanan 
  • kad debit Al-Radjhi
  • khidmat tukaran wang 
  • kad prepaid Saudi  


KEMBARA RAUDHAH bergabung dengan MAS GOLDEN HOLIDAYS pakej LAMBAIAN KAABAH untuk memberikan khidmat Ekslusif para jemaah yang ingin mengerjakan Umrah di bulan RAMADHAN  yang mulia ini.

HARGA PAKEJ RM 7 100 nett.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

13 Days Europe Winter Wonderland + Paris Disneyland

 ENGLAND-BELGIUM-GERMANY-AUSTRIA-ITALY-FRANCE  London-Brussels-Frankfurt-Innsbruck-Venice-Lucerne-Dijon-Paris Disneyland                 (2/12/11 - 14/12/11)                RM 10 900/nett/ pax/twin sharing Overview Picturesque landscapes, magnificent scenery, history galore,treasure troves of art and architecture...a glorious reflection of Europe at her best. Sample famous French food—from fresh baguettes and pastries to gourmet cuisine and cheese. See London’s famous museums, shop at its famous stores on Bond Street and Knightsbridge, or kick back and stroll through lovely Hyde Park. Cross the English Channel by ferry to beautiful Belgium.Enjoy an afternoon cruise on the river Rhine in Germany. A highlight of your trip is Germany’s Romantic Road, a trade route during the middle ages. Step back in time as you travel this famous area with its charming villages, cobblestone streets, walled cities, and scenic countryside. Stop in Rothenburg, a walled town that has retained its medieval character, and really experience the appeal of the Romantic Road. Once you cross into Austria, head south into Italy to cruise along the unique floating city of Venice as well as Romeo and Juliet’s Verona, and stop to see Juliet's famous balcony. Another highlight is your stay in Lucerne, situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Lucerne and nestled within the snowcapped Swiss Alps. See this picturesque town’s famous Chapel Bridge, built in 1333 as part of the city’s fortifications and now the oldest preserved wooden bridge in Europe. Don’t miss the Water Tower, built approximately 1300, which has served as a place to store loot, a treasury, a jail, and a torture chamber. Your vacation concludes with overnights in Dijon where famous mustard is made, and Paris, the stunning “City of Light,” where you’ll enjoy guided sightseeing and an extra day to enjoy Disneyland Paris to your heart's content!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


An affordable vacation is only one of many steps you can take to ensure your next vacation suits your budget.Take a look at some money-saving tips, both before travel and after you arrive.

Before you go

Planning your vacation

* Travel during the low season (October-March), when the prices are lower and the experience offered is still extrodinary.
* Take an escorted tour vacation. You'll be treated to more sights, more insight, and more fun at pre-set price.
* Consider vacationing in another country with a favourable Ringgit exchange.

Look ahead

There are some simple steps in your everyday life you may want to think about well before your departure date to help get more of your vacation.

* Trade your everyday indulges for the real thing on vacation.For instance, skip your daily Starbucks routine, knowing you'll enjoy an authentic cup of coffee in a cafe in Italy.
*  If you're planning to call home while travelling, either buy a calling card or invest in an international line.
* Take a snack and drink  before take off and on the plane so you can eat without paying for airline food.

Pack Appropriately 

Remember, items you buy while on vacation almost always cost more.Pack carefully, and keep airport security restrictions in mind:
*  Don't over-pack.If your bag is overweight during airline check-ins, you'll pay  extra.
*  Check the weather before you go so you don't have to purchase weather-appropriate clothings and accessories on your trip.
*  Bring a camera and extra batteries.A camera and batteries sold on your trip may cost more. 
*  Be smart about your wallet or purse and take extra precautions to safeguard your vacation funds from pickpockets.
* Bring your own 'over-the-counter' drugs for colds, headaches and more, to ensure that you're not paying over-the-top prices for medicines you're not familiar with.
*  Pack a map. If you're going somewhere new, you'll need it to figure out the best places to go, for less.
* Consider folding a duffle bag in your suitcase. If you get to the airport and your luggage is overweight,move some belongings to the duffle bag and carry it on your flight with you, avoiding extra baggage charges.


* Pay with a credit card, but keep track of your expenses. Then, pay off your card when you return from your vacation, ensuring you aren't paying interest for your memories. 
* Be wary of "free" gifts,they aren't always complimentary.
* Plan your daily budget.Determine, in advanced of your trip, how much you're willing to spend each day and stick to it. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UMRAH Bulan Mac 2011